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My group finished playing this tonight. Took us 2 sessions. We used a system called Dark Streets and Darker Secrets, which worked very well. We had a lot of fun and I'd totally recommend this adventure!

The adventure can go a number of different directions, depending on what choices the players make. I think it will have great replay value.

I would recommend playing it as a one-shot (as we did). It may be quite difficult to get all the PCs out alive from this scenario (3/4 of our PCs died in the end). 

How many sessions do you think this might last the average group? Is this a one-shot deal, a lengthy campaign, somewhere in between?


I think 2-3 sessions! Depends on how much socializing your players are into- last time I ran it there was a lot of dinner & drinks with vampires & party planning so it took us a little longer.

That sounds like a blast. 

Thanks for answering! I'm definitely going to buy this at some point. Just a matter of when.