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The Garbage Barge has been slogging up and down the coast for years, putting into port and accepting unwanted things in exchange for gas to keep the tugboats running. It is a towering, leaking wreck, and it’s your home. You are a wizard or a pirate radio operator or a raccoon or a barge worker, or maybe you raise goats in the listing high rise that’s been dumped on the stern. Things grow in the trash. Chemicals are leaching out of rusted barrels, growing legs, and setting off to seek their fortune. Beetles tell you their life stories, raccoons steal your pens. Something in a diving suit disappears into oil-slick bilge water in search of baroque pearls. A forest of rebar sings in the salt wind. Out past the gas lake, there’s a town on fire. It’s been like that as long as anyone can remember. They say that no matter how far into the trash you go, it keeps going.

Most towns will pay just to get the barge to leave. Disposing of objects and people that are too dangerous, embarrassing, or on fire is a bonus. The barge is always hiring, and it’s a great way to get out of town quick. It’s not a great way to make money, but you might find something you never realized you were missing.

YOU GOT A JOB ON THE GARBAGE BARGE is a 60 page setting and adventure TTRPG zine, ready to play with any rules-light osr style system. It includes maps, monsters, 100 kinds of trash and lots of drawings of raccoons. 

By Amanda Lee Franck and featuring special contributions by Aaron King, Dungeons and Possums, Sasha Sienna & Jonathan Sims, Scrap Princess, and Zedeck Siew.

Print Edition is now available at Exalted Funeral! Get it here

& available in Canada from Ratti Incantation Here


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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...already practicing the Trash Shanty  ' . '

This game’s fun. I like the hugs squid. There’s another bad boat full of plastic treasure in the news right now, if you were interested in designing something with it. I doodled a cover.

Hope you’re doing well.

haha amazing

Any future physical copies/anywhere else to grab em?

Exalted Funeral should have more in about a week!

My group finally got around to playing this, and it was the highlight of my winter. This was worth backing on KS for the Bettas alone!

That map though!

Resisting the urge to do a Tunnel Goons hack, Barge Goons anyone?

Amazing zine. 

Really well done, highly detailed maps, cool personalities, interesting factions, a giant squid. Easily mappable to weird rpgs. Like imagine how cool a mothership garbage barge delve would be? Can't wait to send some people exploring. 

One of my favorite nerd book related purchases this year. Highly nourishing. After reading I had so many nutrients coursing through my veins that I was able to skip lunch AND dinner.